"Innovative Materials for Energy” in the time of Next generation EU plan

The University of Messina will host, from 30th September to 1nd October 2021, the third edition of the International Workshop “Innovative Materials for Energy” The Workshop is the result of the collaboration between the organizing institutions represented by the Prof. Giulia Grancini from University of Pavia, Prof. Giovanna D’Angelo and Prof. Gabriele Centi from University of Messina, Prof. Aldo Di Carlo from CNR-ISM/Tor Vergata University and Dr. Francesco Bonaccorso from the Company BeDimensional of Genova.

This year’s edition has been designed as an opportunity for scientists and stakeholders from universities, public research institutions, companies and industries to meet and discuss about new directions for research lines and activities in nanotechnology and solutions for green energies that put out the values and needs of the Next Generation EU and the PNRR plans. The main aim is to identify the synergies and collaborations creating the critical mass of competences to address the many challenges given from energy transition, hydrogen and solar fuels, substitution of fossil fuels, from the perspective of materials for energy.

The scientific programme includes different activities among which selected presentations (where invited speakers will present their vision of the major challenges in the field of renewable energies) and discussion sessions aimed to facilitate exchanges of scientific research ideas for innovative green energy technologies and new materials, technology transfer, plans for the development and application of next generation, networking and motivation

At present we intend to host the workshop according to COVID-secure guidelines onsite at the Aula Magna of the University of Messina, to best facilitate in-person networking. However, this year online participation and on live presentations will be also given, with the possibility to ask questions to the speakers and to chat with other attendees via a dedicated conference platform.


  • Prof. Giulia Grancini (University of Pavia)
  • Prof Giovanna D’Angelo (University of Messina)
  • Prof Gabriele Centi (University of Messina)
  • Prof. Aldo Di Carlo (CNR-ISM/Tor Vergata University)
  • Dr. Francesco Bonaccorso (BeDimensional, Genova)

Scientific Committee:

  • Prof. Siglinda Perathoner (University of Messina)
  • Prof. Fortunato Neri (University of Messina)
  • Prof. Sebastiano Campagna (University of Messina)
  • Dr. Antonino Salvatore Aricò (ITAE, CNR Messina)

Local Committee:

  • Dr. Valentino Romano (University of Messina)
  • Prof. Ulderico Wanderlingh (University of Messina)
  • Prof. Caterina Branca (University of Messina)

Pictures taken during the first edition of the IME Workshop at Messina in 2019


Conference location on 30th of September

Aula Magna Rettorato, Plesso Centrale

Conference location on 1st of October,

Aula Magna 'Vittorio Ricevuto', Polo Papardo



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